Final INNOSHADE Consortium and Demonstration Meeting

July 24-26, 2012, Dormagen, Germany > more


Fraunhofer-Institute for Silicate Research ISC, Germany (1)

Materials development, coating technology, optical film characterisation, High resolution microscopy. Project co-ordination, innovation and IPR management.

Centro de Tecnologias Electroquimicas (CIDETEC), Spain (2)

Materials development, ECD assembly, electrochemical testing.

National Institute of Chemistry (NIC), Slovenia (3)

Materials development, spectro-electrochemical measurements.

GORENJE Group, Slovenia (4)

Refrigerators construction, switchable windows, application testing, field tests.

CNRS - Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux (ICMCB), France (5)

Materials development, electrochemical measurements, NMR spectroscopy, sputter deposition.

CNRS - Laboratoire de Réactivité et de Chimie des Solides (LRCS), France (5)

Optical simulation and calculation, IR-electrochromic materials, laser pulsed deposition.

Polymer electrolytes, energy efficiency enhancement, assembly, in-situ analysis of electrochromic devices.

Organic synthesis (lab scale), monomer design, NMR spectroscopy, spectro-electrochemical characterisation. IPR management.

ESSILOR International, France (8)

Ophthalmic lenses, optical characterisation, coating & lamination technology, application testing, field tests. Exploitation management.

MASER Microelectrónica S.L.Spain (9)

Automotive supply, data logging, microelectronics, electrical integration, application testing.

ARCELIK A.S. , Turkey (10)

Domestic appliances, oven windows, application testing, field tests, energy balance simulation.


VUOS A.S., Czech Republic (11)

Chemical synthesis scaling up, pilot line chemicals production, NMR spectroscopy, eco-toxicological analyses.

participation terminated

SOLEMS S.A., France (12)

Sputter deposition, tailored coatings on plastics and glass, electrical contacting, coating technology.

Universidade do Minho (UMINHO), Departamento de Fisica, Portugal (13)

Crack formation modelling, residual stress analyses, charge density calculation, sputter film deposition.

EADS Deutschland GmbH, Germany (14)

Thermal and light control applications for spacecrafts and aircrafts, application testing, field tests.

AkzoNobel, Netherlands (15)

Roll-to-roll transparent conductive oxide technology, transparent electrode processing.

participation terminated

LCS Life Cycle Simulation GmbH, Germany (16)

Product life cycle analysis, software-based integrated analysis and evaluation of environmental impacts. 

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Germany (17)

Adaptation and manufacture of coating machinery, construction of pilot lines, pilot line coating trials.

Centrum organické chemie s.r.o. (COC), Czech Republic (18)

Chemical synthesis scaling up, pilot line chemicals production, NMR spectroscopy, eco-toxicological analyses.

Hanita Coatings RCA Ltd., Israel (19)

Transparent conductive polymer films.

Locations of the INNOSHADE Partners

A  four-year Large Integrating Project
Funded by the European Commission
Under the Seventh Framework Programme
THEME 4 [Nanosciences, nano-
technologies, materials & new production technologies (NMP)]
Contract No. 200431
Duration: 01.09.2008 - 31.08.2012